Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New project.

Hello.. i am back in Kuantan!! live from our new house in Jaya Gading you ollss!! Rumah yang sangat awesome... dengan bilik yang lebih awesome..i have a durian tree outside my window you ollss!! *Bangga*

The last time I came back was in September.. due to the cerclage thing I was not allowed to travel long distance for a while. So I couldnt come home for Raya.. booo~~ So I came back last weekend and decide to stay for a week. Alasan...tamau la travel 2days straight..=p hahaha padahal nak dok rumah lama2.. puas oii dok selayang. ZZzzzz...

I found out that my mom was not eating properly and as a result was very ill and no energy at all. She refuse to eat a lot of things except bubur nasi atau nasi dengan sup kosong. Other than that she will eat KFC mash potato or wedges. I figured Papa can buy the sup daging and nasi for dinner.. so on Sunday, I experimented with some beras and try to make the congee.  I learned how to make congee on a cooking show on TV a while back. and weehoooo Adam Berjaya!! Ok now that I knew how and the tricks.. I have to figure out how Mama can have the congee everyday without Papa spending 2hours stirring it on the stove. Solution: Freezing then microwave it just before meal time.

I made more than enough yesterday so I tried frozen the balance. This morning, I tried some variations adding ikan bilis, but mommy tamau.. huhu. So scrap all my plans to make different stocks to aid the congee. She likes it plain. Mujur la ada sebekas kecik lagi in the freezer, I heat it in the microwave for 3minutes. OK la for lunch. Sikit sangat pun.

So I soak 3 scoops of rice in a bowl to make the next batch. Soaked it for 1hour and 15minutes. I use this ice cream scoop to measure the rice. It makes one full almost overflowing pot of congee.

Next time I will try soaking it for at least 2hours to see if it can cut the cooking time shorter. I know mama wants it plain but I insist of having some carrots and potatoes in it. For fibre and some other vitamins and minerals.

So I cooked it with the congee...she refuse it because she cant chew it..so I fish the cut carrots and potatoes, mash it and put it back.
 So ingredient: Rice, water, carrot, and potatoes. No other seasoning or salt or pepper. Na da.

I kept one bowl to be frozen, while the rest is for dinner and supper today. Tomorrow I will make a new batch just like this one. Will try to figure out how much to be frozen. I think it is best I freeze one meal portion instead of one day portion kan.. Maybe a few smaller portions as additional.

Then I need a system to make sure the congee is heated to the right temperature for safety reason. I also need to make sure Papa can do this in seconds. Need to figure all these in the next 3days... huhu.. maybe the first batch to be frozen, I can make it in the rice cooker instead kan. I read it can last frozen solid for at least 2months. So 3weeks supply shouldnt be a problem. I can do this easily, just need some planning and figuring things out.

I am more worried for March and April which I cant do much at these times...huhu.. I tried checking taQbin but Kuantan is out of coverage still. The worst which I can do is Aja to sent it back to Kuantan or worse asking a friend to bring it back. It is heartbreaking to do this but I have no choice. I need to make sure Mama eats daily. She is sick but she is still here and I plan to make sure she knows I care.

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