Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New project.

Hello.. i am back in Kuantan!! live from our new house in Jaya Gading you ollss!! Rumah yang sangat awesome... dengan bilik yang lebih awesome..i have a durian tree outside my window you ollss!! *Bangga*

The last time I came back was in September.. due to the cerclage thing I was not allowed to travel long distance for a while. So I couldnt come home for Raya.. booo~~ So I came back last weekend and decide to stay for a week. Alasan...tamau la travel 2days straight..=p hahaha padahal nak dok rumah lama2.. puas oii dok selayang. ZZzzzz...

I found out that my mom was not eating properly and as a result was very ill and no energy at all. She refuse to eat a lot of things except bubur nasi atau nasi dengan sup kosong. Other than that she will eat KFC mash potato or wedges. I figured Papa can buy the sup daging and nasi for dinner.. so on Sunday, I experimented with some beras and try to make the congee.  I learned how to make congee on a cooking show on TV a while back. and weehoooo Adam Berjaya!! Ok now that I knew how and the tricks.. I have to figure out how Mama can have the congee everyday without Papa spending 2hours stirring it on the stove. Solution: Freezing then microwave it just before meal time.

I made more than enough yesterday so I tried frozen the balance. This morning, I tried some variations adding ikan bilis, but mommy tamau.. huhu. So scrap all my plans to make different stocks to aid the congee. She likes it plain. Mujur la ada sebekas kecik lagi in the freezer, I heat it in the microwave for 3minutes. OK la for lunch. Sikit sangat pun.

So I soak 3 scoops of rice in a bowl to make the next batch. Soaked it for 1hour and 15minutes. I use this ice cream scoop to measure the rice. It makes one full almost overflowing pot of congee.

Next time I will try soaking it for at least 2hours to see if it can cut the cooking time shorter. I know mama wants it plain but I insist of having some carrots and potatoes in it. For fibre and some other vitamins and minerals.

So I cooked it with the congee...she refuse it because she cant chew it..so I fish the cut carrots and potatoes, mash it and put it back.
 So ingredient: Rice, water, carrot, and potatoes. No other seasoning or salt or pepper. Na da.

I kept one bowl to be frozen, while the rest is for dinner and supper today. Tomorrow I will make a new batch just like this one. Will try to figure out how much to be frozen. I think it is best I freeze one meal portion instead of one day portion kan.. Maybe a few smaller portions as additional.

Then I need a system to make sure the congee is heated to the right temperature for safety reason. I also need to make sure Papa can do this in seconds. Need to figure all these in the next 3days... huhu.. maybe the first batch to be frozen, I can make it in the rice cooker instead kan. I read it can last frozen solid for at least 2months. So 3weeks supply shouldnt be a problem. I can do this easily, just need some planning and figuring things out.

I am more worried for March and April which I cant do much at these times...huhu.. I tried checking taQbin but Kuantan is out of coverage still. The worst which I can do is Aja to sent it back to Kuantan or worse asking a friend to bring it back. It is heartbreaking to do this but I have no choice. I need to make sure Mama eats daily. She is sick but she is still here and I plan to make sure she knows I care.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

au naturel

I for one have gone absolutely bonkers and crazy.. well for a very good reason. about 12 weeks into the pregnancy, i develop this horrible irritating itchiness all over my legs n arms. it is so horrible, enough to send me to a skin specialist. About a month after that.. its gone.. but while i was itching like mad I did a lot of reading about if the mom has eczema, which my dermatologist said i had acute eczema. (ACUTE??? gilo apo..tak penah hayat kena..huhuhu)  it is most likely the baby will too.. but  I always had this sensitive skin thingy not sure what how or why. it is just that my skin has a mind of its own would flare, rash and itch as it likes.. great huh?

So i decided to go natural, organic, and chemical free as possible. starting with my own shower gels and shampoo. It certainly is not cheap but bearable. Shop here! http://www.iherb.com/mypage/eQin-goes-shopping. Get the $10 off your first buy. Murahhh!! Since I am mostly at home, i use very little daily. hahaha.. i mostly only shower once daily if i didnt go out. why should i shower so many times? its not like i go anywhere and bring back germs.. i did not even get out of the house.. duh! =p

next stop, baby's toiletries... searching online for some organic natural baby brands.. and I found this..





I really wanted to get it from US or UK... But looking at the cost of ALL baby products- clothes, breastpump, diapers etc etc..MAHAL okies. huhhh. Maybe I want to go local with this one and supplement with imported ones.. plus Belilah barangan buatan Malaysia. and if it is bumiputera/muslim/malay companies.. why not support them rite? Try first.. if its good than by all means continue..if its crap... hahaha.. might as well buy imported.

I talked to hubby about using cloth diapers and he said it is too much time consuming which we dont have. I rather he spends the few hours with our baby rather than with dirty diapers.. but it is still an option.

So the next one i want to give a good read is Baby Wipes. And I read a whole lot about it. I have gone from organic disposable wipes, to homemade wipes to cloth wipes, and back to homemade wipes. Ok i stopped there.. the best is of course is the cloth wipes, but it only work best if we decide to cloth diapers anyway. So the next best thing is homemade wipes which i think is CHEAP and EASYYYYY. Read here..


I would just buy some good kitchen towel and ask hubby to precut it in half on a weekend. I reckon 6 rolls cut into 12-half rolls would be enough for a month right? but it is a good starting point. If it is more than enough.. i would just do less the next round or not enough it is easy enough to do it in mid week. I would just buy a lot more kitchen towel and ask hubby to precut it all and do the solution as i go. All other 'ingredients' are easily bought on iHerb or readily available. As for the container, I might want to grab the nicest disposable wipes in container from the babyfair this weekend and start using those 'chemical loaded' wipes on my kitchen counter or bathroom. hahaha.. then i get to use the container with this homemade wipes. cheapo. awesome yet? i think so!! time to measure and count..hehehe...

ok that is sorted out.. I sort of know what to buy and where already for most things. For clothes in the earlier months, we would just go F.O.S. haihh..janji pakai baju dah la. jangan balut kain batik plak kannn.. plus i know that babies grow so freaking fast. no need to buy mahal2 or cantik2 sangat. hhahaha.. mummy pun pakai baju pasar malam je okies. but of course la, baju raya akan di beli kat pumpkin patch or baby gap. hahaha...itu sudah kemestian. Daddy boleh pakai branded! Mummy takpe...tapi baby harus. Mummy happy dah kalau bawak bag Kate Spade n pakai kasut French Sole, baju beli kat tepi2 jalan pun ok jer. =p But as the baby grow, we see if daddy's income grows as fast as you are or otherwise and adjust accordingly. =p Mana la tau, we can afford Baby Dior or Armani junior right??!! hahahahaha.. T_T

Lain2 aku tak kisah sangat..e.g bottles. i want to use glass tapi hubby cakap berat. pemalas. so i go to the next best thing which is BPA free. Tommee tippee or first year's breast flow. nengok la kalau nak beli online local or oversea or beli kat kedai or fair. tak kisah sangat sbb sama je. sket je pun beza. rezeki la tuh kira.

nursery related cot (inherit je dari cousins yg comel2 tuhhh) tilam bantal etc...sudah usha lamaaaa dah. aku dah target ada sorang online seller ni.hahaha..sudah plan pun mau beli kat mana kain and mau buat apa. Harga je blom tau. Hahaha must start saving ya!!

Breast pump pun I almost certainly have decided but want to wait till I get to visit some kedai2 to view it in person and listen to the sales person. So nengok la jugak...cos my budget is 1K for the whole set lots.. cooler bag, ice pack, storage bottles etc. Haiyoo banyak nyer menda...

Last but not least.. Post natal care package. Hohhh I bajet2...one month salary terbang begitu saja.. tapi takpe la.. janji sihat dan cantik dan kurus.. kah kah kah.. target sekarang 21 hari pakej untuk RM3k. It is within range with what is offered in the market.. Around RM150+ plus a day. Cantik cantik cantik! huhuhu T_T So far, in my piggy ada RM 2.8k...kalau berjimat2 dan menyimpan lagi..mmg boleh sangat la amik pakej 21hari AND beli baby bag Kate Spade idaman hati~~ Maybe the bag has to wait a little while..but what the heck..I am not going to use it until at least June 2014...sangat lama lagi untuk menyimpan di piggy bank...awesome!! Nanti bila sudah 3/4 confinement period sudah boleh usha2 nak beli bag itu....heee~ SUKA! Pastu boleh terus menyimpan untuk terus membeli my next french sole. hah?! Kalau 50% off apa salahnyer...hehehe..

So the journey shall starts soon...shopping.. and more shopping. Most likely hubby nak go for the stemcell thing...sbb buleh dapat free maxi cosi car seat.. haha.. vain kannn...tapi hentam je la. nak wat macam mana.. anak dia. mmg sangat excited la nak itu dan ini.. so suka la hati nak beli apa pun.. kalau buleh seme nak branded. huhu.. aku mau yang awesome takdak brand pun takpe.. tapi harus AWESOME.. hahaha..

nak p kira duit syiling jap.. kot2 cukup nak beli botol susu minggu ni.. buleh tak?? hahaha

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

everything but this..

When my doctor..*pergh...my doctor seyy....hahaha* ok fine i have been going back to him for the past 3 years..qualify la to be my doctor. He said I have to be on leave after week 20, I have a million gazzilion things on my mind how to pass the time without going out of the house. I planned to use my YES 4G internet access and my online shopping skills to pass the time.. well mostly. I also plan to do some light sewing and start gathering some supplies online..hehehe.. but never in a million years *i swear* this was in my mind...

Mug cakes.

I knew my beloved other baby will have to be on leave as well cos I was not supposed to lugging that heavy yet really gorgeous mixer around. and i tell u it is heavy bitch... some 4kg or so..huhuhu I spent a month gaji for you to be gathering dust.. haihhh~~

but it was 4pm and nothing on the telly and I was craving for something hot chocolatey not overly sweet and tadaaaa.....

My first ever mug cake..ok this is a brownie but what the heck...

My my i tell you.. it is as good as any cake i have ever bake.. even more so I must say... its hot..goey chocolatey..salty and sweet..and heaven...

I found the recipe online but as what i always do.. I never trust a single recipe.. i look at a few and find some common ground... the baker in me tweak the recipes so here is mine...if you do it like i did.. i guarantee u the best chocolatey goodness ever..

2tablespoon salted butter -melted in the mug for 25secs
1/4cup flour
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup milk
2tblspoon cocoa powder
1teaspoon vanilla
some chopped nuts -hazel, walnut,pecan etc
some broken pieces of dark chocolate

mix everything carefully and microwave it at 60-75 seconds at high while you clean up.. Do not microwave it too long or it will be too dry and cakey. You will want that extra melty chocolate pieces. Wait 15seconds for it to cool down a bit and enjoy!!

Go ahead do other things to it.. Nuttela, peanut butter, choc chips etc If chocolate is not your thing.. go on and find one to your liking... one tip: look for recipe with no egg. Anyone can do this.. it is freaking easy.. 

I had it for 3 days in a row before the doctor's appt.. and i gained 4kg instead of just 2kg.. ok saya insaf!!!! So as easy as it might be.. DO NOT HAVE THIS DEVIL EVERYDAY! once in a while is ok i guess.. huhu..i have another week before the next appt.. doctor is not too happy with my weight gain. Owh baby..
we are so going to be fat. 

haih...so easy so good so yummy mug cakes.. back to surfing and sewing. I have a couple of new house warming gift to make!! =)

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Here I go again....

Assalamualaikum dearest beloved girls..

By the time you read this.. I am probably already in the OT room under anesthetic yet again but for a totally different reason. I have to do this procedure called 'Cervical Cerclage' as I am now 15 weeks pregnant...

The fact that I refuse to tell about my previous blighted ovum - living in the bubble episod..make me easily slip into living in the bubble again.. much to my delight and more to my psychological peace. No one knew about it except wan and I and the third person who knew about it was the doctor. I had really bad early weeks between the positive test and first actual ultrasound. I was almost going extremely crazy dealing with roller coaster emotions and morning sickness [more like evening for me..duhh] I even delayed about going to the doctor to confirm it...talking about ignorance is bliss... but yeah I felt an ultra calm peace knowing that if it doesnt turn out good I dont have to deal with alot of people asking me a looooottt of questions. I even told Wan that if its nothing..then no one has to know about it. We will just brave it through...the two of us. No one else..

So we kept quiet even after the first ultrasound at 8weeks and we heard the baby's heart beat. It was a relief but with what happen to Hanna..I know there is so much more to this...thats why we did not tell a lot of people. We decided that the people that should know right from the beginning was our parents. After that it was a loooong silence until the doctor told me..I need to do this cerclage thing and take off from work until my delivery date. So I only told 3 friends at school because they and their workload will be affected severely with my absence from school. I only told my HM and GPK when the doctor has confirm me the date and with letters to support it.  Wan told his bosses to avoid being sent out station and offshores.. Thats about it. I was not yet comfortable to break the news. Until last week I had the courage to tell our siblings about it.. so we starts doing so. Even so I still felt 'the bubble' is the best place to be.. its not like its the first time I got pregnant.. this is already the fourth. Yes people are happy for you...but the happiness is temporary and when the sadness begins...you are all alone again... and it felt like forever.

I have no idea how to tell you girls this...honestly I really dont know. Wan keeps on pushing me to tell you.. I decided this will be the best way.. I dont know why you should be happy with the news when I cant be happy with yours... but all of you have bigger hearts than mine...

So thats my news and thank you for reading it. I am still sorry for what I did.. there is no excuse for what i did.. it was pure selfish of me.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

My first baby..

After a few weeks of owning the ultimate stand mixer... I finally able to create fabulous creations...

It was almost a disaster..as I try to make too many things in an awful short amount of time.. I tried to bake bread and make fairy cakes all in one afternoon.. and both could have gone horribly wrong.

First.. my bread dough is not smoothing up and elastic-y enough.. but i decide to proof it all together.. turns out all right.. could use bread improver and a little bit more yeast. and a little longer proofing. still dense and heavy.. tapi lembut laaa jugak. i got about 6 slightly bigger buns..from half the recipe. I should have just mixed the dough longer and bersabar..huhuhu.. Bersabar adalah key to a great bread dough.. FUHHHH...sabar babe!! next time ok next time kita relax2 wat roti...fikiran yg serabut2 will translate into roti yang keras dan tidak gebu...

Then I tried to whip up a vanilla cake batter and when I was already spooning it to the tray.. i realise that I totally forgot the baking powder!~ weeehhooo... dump it all back in the mixer with 2 and half teaspoon of baking powder and whip it up hard with my super mixer.. and pray it will be delicious. Phewww~~

I get almost 56 cuppies all together. I plan to make it all pretty with a swiss meringue buttercream..but I ate alot of it and now mcm malas nak buat the buttercream.. The cuppies are heaven.. light fluffy and not too sweet.. I of course use the best vanila cake recipe from buddy the cake boss.. hohohoho...

I also learn that if i use the fan option of my oven..my cuppies wont crown as much resulting of a better looking ones and more suitable to be ice. i need to buy sprinkles!!!

I also learn that i have to bake my cuppies a little brown..to avoid the liners peeling off..I also need to get the correct liners size for my pan. plain and pretty ones please.. I didnt know they have seriously alot of different sizes.. and i need to buy an ice cream scoop or this... i just learn about it last night. Me wantt!!!

I am the crazy woman who insist of having of only the best available. hohoho.. malangnyer duit jer tak best..hahahaahahah...

selain wilton batter dispenser... saya juga mahu ini~~

Haaaaa kau... tak gila sementara kahh??? aku kan gila of having the complete set of something. hohoho..All can be purchased at wilton kota damansara or subang jaya

Wisma ICCA,
1, Jalan PJU 5/15,
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel   : 03-6140 8835
Fax  : 03-6142 1501
No. 2 & 2A-1, Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/8E,
Putra Heights,
47650 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel  : 03-5103 8991
Fax : 03-5191 5835

Operating Hours:

Mon to Friday : 10am - 6pm
Saturday  :10am -5pm
Sunday + Public Holiday : Closed

Mon to Saturday : 9:30am - 7pm
Sunday : 9:30am - 5pm
Public Holiday : Closed

To all gorgeous beloved babes reading this.. I would be delighted to have this as my birthday present. *please get my very subtle hint hahahaha...*